Lady Gaga performs satanic rituals through concerts?

The Assembly of Indonesian Muslim Young Intellectuals (MIUMI) want cancel definitively 3 lives, in June, of the American pop star, Lady Gaga.

Clerics of this religious country accuse singer to practical satanic rituals:

"MIUMI is grateful to God for protecting this nation from the curse of Satanic rituals. Lady Gaga doesn’t perform concerts; what people see are actually satanic rituals", has said  MIUMI secretary-general Bachtiar Nasir, Sunday.

Nasir wants reject and evicts all "mental imperialists":

"Imperialists nowadays don’t come armed with weapons. Instead, they are armed with ideas that don’t fit the country’s character."

He adds:

"Even if she wore a jilbab (headscarf), we'd reject her. Think of it this way: Beer packaged as mineral water is still haram (forbidden).”

With his incredible pressure, she has decided to cancel her planned concert at Bung Karno Stadium in Jakarta.

Despite this, 52,000 people had bought tickets for the cancelled concert.