UFO Wars?

UFO sightings have been on the rise over the past year, with sightings all over the globe, from Jerusalem's Temple Mount to the mysterious objects that led the Chinese to shut down not one but two airports.  Now, Space.com reports that on April 30, UFO researcher Ed Grimsley of Skywatch captured a video of "multiple unidentified flying objects," in San Diego. These flying objects were caught racing across the sky, zig-zagging in a way that makes them appear to be pursuing and fleeing from each other.

Grimsley has been sighting and documenting space battles in the night sky since he was a teenager. He would see "two different types of spacecraft shooting it out using laser weapons." Recently Grimsley reports that he has been seeing an increase of these unidentified objects by using his military grade night vision binoculars. According to Grimsley, "Alien or human-like beings may very well be getting ready to take control or evict us from plant Earth."

Is Grimsley right? Are the Earth's changes and the political unrest due to a return of ancient alien teachers, or races of beings here to mine our earthly resources like Stephen Hawking suggests? According to Robert Sheaffer, a UFO investigator with the Committee for Skeptical Inquiry, "Grimsley's videos show nothing extraordinary. In fact, the objects are most likely artifacts of the very tool that Grimsley uses to spot UFOs... Night vision optics trade low resolution for high sensitivity, and bright objects spill out into a circle of light that in no way reflects their actual angular size. So what looks like a large object may well just be a point of light".

Even if Grimsley's footage represents a misinterpretation regarding what is being seen through these night vision goggles, what should be made of the rash of UFO's reported around the globe, including sightings by pilots, air force personal, and other "reputed" scientific sources? Out of all the information and disinformation there is a degree of truth, and as the reports continue to increase, so does that inherent truth at the core of this mystery.