UFO crash in Colorado ?

In Monday, November 20, 2011, a new UFO appeared in the sky of the United States of America. It was filmed by a man of 25 over the state of Colorado in the West of the country. This mysterious craft is very strange because its shape (asymmetric) and in its manner to fly disorderly (it spins faster).

The witness said that the UFO was near of a chemtrails. He was filming the blue sky and a chemtrail, when the unknown object passed just above.

According to the movements made by the UFO, we can legitimately think he was not flying, but on the contrary, that he was crashing. When it is seen falling, its path seems to a pen.

We do not know if this UFO crashed, and if so, where.

However, it is difficult to know whether this video is true, but one thing is certain, that this object is neither a bird nor a plane (or other) or a meteorite.