'Alien' monkey causes panic in Chinese village

A Chinese village was thrown into panic recently when a woman insisted that she had discovered an alien lifeform.

Housewife Mao Ziping, from Gezhai village in the Henan Province, was shocked to find a strange animal in her residence, and called the police after believing that it was an extraterrestrial.

"At first I thought it was a rabbit, then I was shocked to see it had an alien face," Ziping said, according to Yahoo News. "My neighbours agreed it was like nothing we'd seen before."

It was later discovered that the animal was actually a malnourished monkey that was emaciated and had lost most of its body hair.

"It stopped eating cucumbers when we gave it peaches and now it won't eat anything else!" she added.

Scientists are now examining the animal to ascertain which species the monkey belongs to.